Friday, 4 July 2014

Update on my sore feet...

Since writing my last post (a few minutes ago haha) iv realized that what I could try out to help my poor feet are foot stretches... I will of course by some insoles. Just been reading up on foot stretches.. seems like the sensible thing to do.. get some strength in the ligaments in my feet which has got to be good and makes them more resilient.

Though I am not quite sure when I should start these stretches.. as I dont wanna make things worse as at the moment I cannot put any weight at all on my feet...found one kind of stretch where you basically rest your foot half way on a step and push your body up using your feet....

What do you guys think?

Been getting sore feet recently

My feet recently have been oh so sore... you wouldn't not believe how bad my feet hurt at the moment.. they feel like that my feet are on fire.. they look like they are too because they are so red! Luckily Iv been reading this so I should know exactly what to do now.. though if I am going to be honest I still dont have the foggiest and should probably go see a doctor. I assume what I have got is plantar fasciiits.. I went runnign a couple days back and it was after that (well, annoyingly I didn't go out running for too long.. I wasn't even out of breath afterwards.. just m,y feet started hurting so I called it a day and stopped). I have heard horror stories online where people been suffering from plantar fasciitis for years.. I really hope this wont be me because I love running...  I blame my rubbish running shoes.. I have had them for years and they are falling apart.. but I cannot afford a new pair because that would cost money which I dont have... In the post above to maillard blog they say you can buy some insoles which dont cost that much.... great I might just look into getting some of them... though a bit on the bench because I heard custom insoles are the best thing for your feet and normal one size fits all insoles dont work as good.. though I read something else today which said the total opposite of this and that one size fits all insoles providing they are made out of gel and mold to your feet are just as effective if not better because custom insoles dont really do that much rather just empty out your wallet.... No wonder I am so confused with all this contradictory information.

Sorry this is my first blog post and I am already moaning about something... haha well that is typical me!